Tracking down Mr Ho Keong Aun

Today, we received a request to track down Mr Ho Keong Aun or his relatives who used to live at 29, Jalan Magazine, Penang (now Lee Klinik. See picture).

This 70-year-old letter was found in a package received by Mr Kiss (a Hungarian), whose wife recently bought some old Hungarian stamps and bank notes for home decor purposes in their home in Kuching, Sarawak. This is the envelope that came with the package, with a Penang address.

This envelope intrigued Mr Kiss. "This was just after WW2, when Hungary became a communist country under Soviet rule and having correspondence with someone not from the soviet block might have raised a few eyebrows.

"And actually, three countries are involved here, because the commemorative stamps on the envelop celebrate a Polish general who fought in the Hungarian war of independence in 1848-49. He was later executed by the Austrians after the Hungarian attempt to gain our freedom was crushed," he wrote.

Kiss had went on to investigate who was the sender of the letter, and through his research, he discovered that Artal Kiserdei might have been a boyscout leader in Hungary, Budapest.

Any fellow Penang Hidden Gemmers know who is Mr Ho Keong Aun who lived at 29, Magazine Road back in the 1950s?

Let us know in the comments below! Remember to share this post too! We're all quite stoked to find out the story behind the correspondence! This could be a fortunate stroke of a hidden story!

The front and back cover of the envelope.

Present day Mr. Ho's address is now a Klinik Lee.

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