This is not in Rome, but Penang. This is the Logan Memorial.

The Logan Memorial is a Gothic-styled monument built in memory of James Richardson Logan, a Scottish lawyer who successfully fought for the rights of Asians in colonial Penang.

The Logan brothers, James and Abraham, studied law in Edinburgh, Scotland, before travelling to Singapore and Penang to practise law. James Logan remained on Penang Island, where he was notable for fighting in the case of an Indian sireh planter against the British East India Company. He also helped the Chinese community on Penang Island to petition for a repeal of the ban on the activities of the several Chinese clans on the island.

The missing heads, limbs and sword are result of damages caused by the relocation of the memorial and yet to be restored by the council.

The monument consists of four female figures, each facing one of the four directions.

  • Justice, with a sword, faces northeast (overlooking the Sessions and Magistrates Court). The hands of Justice are now missing. Below Justice is a marble medallion of James's portrait picture.

  • Fortitude, with a club, faces northwest (up Light Street towards Convent Light Street). Fortitude's head is also missing.

  • Wisdom, with an open book, faces southwest (overlooking the Supreme Court of Penang). Below Wisdom, a dedication is inscribed on a marble plaque.

  • Temperance, with a chain and bit, faces southeast (down Light Street).


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