Bayan Lepas Reaps Benefit of FIZ Creation

If Nakhoda Bayan were to be living in the place where he first settled, he would be amazed at this former hinterland's rapid growth!

Aerial view of Jabatan Harapan in FIZ. Intel campus is on the background. Photo credit: Pipit Shutterlights Project.

FIZ allows other businesses and sectors to start and grow. Bus Kilang operators were ferrying operators to work so that they don't miss their shifts. Developers developed houses in Bayan Lepas to make Bayan Lepas a livable town. Shopping malls like Sunshine Square, Bukit Jambul complex, and Queensbay Mall were built to meet Penang's demands.

Photo credit: Liamhing Bas Kilang Transport Sdn Bhd

In short, the creation of FIZ spurred a new ecosystem in Bayan Lepas, transforming Bayan Lepas from an agricultural hinterland to a thriving, livable satellite town. From "Gadis Kilang" to "Abang Engineer," Penang continues to draw job seekers from every community level.

What continued to sustain FTZ is Penang's ability to evolve from a low-skilled manufacturing site to a high-skilled Research and Development (R&D) area. The establishment of Universiti Science Malaysia in 1969, two years after the inception of FIZ, was the key to helping the creation of more knowledge workers.

USM that is established in Penang, two years after FIZ inception in 1967. Photo credit:

The PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) in Bayan Lepas was established in 1989. PSDC is a premier learning institution dedicated to meeting the business community's immediate human resource needs and supporting and strengthening business requirements.

"I grew up in a household where everyone works in the Free Industrial Zone. As a child growing up in Taman Bukit Jambul in the 90s, my neighbors were engineers and managers working in FIZ," Emili from Penang Hidden Gem reminisced.

Emili and a colleague.

As an adult, I'm working in an MNC in FIZ and had attended conferences and training classes in PSDC. In retrospect, I'm amazed at the positive impact the Bayan Lepas current history has had in my life." Emili from Penang Hidden Gems continued.

📢Penang Hidden Gems spoke in detail about Penang's Past, Present, and Future in a Facebook Live Stream entitled En Route to Modernization. Head on to to watch our video on the topic.

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